Our tutors come from all walks of life

They have been professors, businessmen and women, teachers and people who wish to continue growing their knowledge for the fun of it.

U3A is a volunteer organisation and is therefore entirely dependent on volunteer tutors. Membership of U3A Redlands is a pre-requisite of attending classes.

All of our tutors and activity coordinators are enthusiatic and experienced in their field. 

Become a tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor we ask you to contact our office and speak to one of our Tutor Liaison Officers who can give advice.

We expect prospective tutors to have a certain level of expertise in their chosen course. For example, language tutors should be able to speak, write and read in the language they are teaching and athletic tutors should have a level of fitness necessary for their pursuit.

Tutors should be aware that their students do not require pre-requisites to attend classes at U3A and courses are designed appropriately.

Meet our tutors & volunteers


Alex Campbell

Barbara Wyllie

Beryl Glynn

Betty Bowdler

Bob Foster

Carol Roberts

Carolyn West

Cheryl Christie

Christine Iowa

Desleigh Johansson

Desley Loch

Elizabeth Jeffs

Gail Hill-Hartporter

Gail Schurer

Glenice Palmer

Graham Applegate

Graham Kimber

Hazel McArthur

Heather Brennan

Heather Heron

Helen Neate

Ian McFadzen

Jackie Taylor

Jan Buchanan

Jean Perlin

Jill Allen

John Barker

John Burt

John Butler

John Jenkins

Karen Buhmann

Ken Busfield

Laurie Dyer

Lee-Anne White

Len Davey

Les McFadzen

Lesley Economou

Lindsay Shepherd

Lurline Slater

Lynda Sanderson

Lynn Roberts

Marcell Gorman

Margaret Maroney

Margaret Ward

Marj Wallace

Marlene Favot

Marlene Mailander

Mary Mullins

Mary Smith

Michael Hubert

Michelle Wilkinson

Murray Porteous

Nahn Shimmons

Olga Osypiv

Patricia Simmons

Randolph Story

Robert Hayworth

Rose Reidlinger

Rosemary Hillier

Roy Evans

Sandra Ladbrooke

Shahin Master

Susan Willingham

Sylvia Bridge

Terri Story

Terry Murray

Tom Eves

Trevor Roberts

Ursula Fox

Virginia Ridgley

Wendy Becker

Wendy Holtom