It makes an amazing difference when everyone helps everyone else. There's plenty of time for games which are just as useful as academic studies in keeping brains active. Indoors and outdoors, U3A members get involved in all manner of learning activities including recreational, academic, social and cultural pursuits.

Learning is for life.

Life is for learning.

Cycle Group Pics April 2021

2021 - March and April Photos

2019 - U3A Redlands Trivia Night May 

2019 - Caravan - Cabin & Camping Club U3A Redlands ESK 

2019 - U3A Redlands Enrolment Day 

2019 - March Julie Porteous Appreciation Celebration 

2018 - German Group Gathering December 

2018 - December - U3A Ukulele Grubs Performance 

2018 - U3A Theatre Group Show